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Shot blast machines, shot-peening and sandblasting machines
CARLO BANFI design and produces automatic shot blasting machines, shot-peening systems, sandblasting machines, since 1938.

The fields of application of CARLO BANFI machines are very wide: treatment of continuous wire or coil wire, shot-peening of springs and bars, metal structures, iron and steel foundries and non-ferrous metals, aluminum and zama die-castings, inner blasting of gas bottles, tanks or cylinders, blasting of pipes, forgings, heat treated pieces, rail wagons, and so on....
CARLO BANFI shot blast machines are manufactured according to the machine directive and are CE marked.
CARLO BANFI produces a wide range of standard blasting equipment and customized machines to match customers’ requests.

Among the most common shot blast machines, we can mention:

  • GM - Hook type shot blast machine
  • DS – DESCALER machine for steel wire
  • VERBOR – shot blast machine for coil wire
  • TRAFIL - shot blast machines for mechanical cleaning of steel bars
  • ISTR - shot blast machines for pipes
  • GT – rubber and steel belt Tumblast shot blast machines
  • SCM – hook shot blast machine type carousel
  • CARPENFER – Tunnel shot blast machine
  • INTERFLEX – shot blast machine with wire mesh belt conveyor
  • P - Rotary table shot blast machines
  • LAMI or LAMIVER – roller conveyor shot blast machines
  • ISBR or GPL – shot blast machines for gas bottles

In addition, special systems:

  • ISIB – Internal shot blasting machines for inner surface of boilers
  • Blasting of rail wagons (mixed compressed air + wheel)
  • ISTB - shot blast machines for multiple bars
  • IGR – shot blast machines (shot-peening ) of alloy wheel
  • PM- automatic shot blast machine (shot-peening)

Since June 2017, Carlo Banfi has been part of OMSG Group – Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio Spa, located in Villa Cortese (Milan-Italy).
With this acquisition, a new industrial reality emerged, with more than 9,000 shot blasting machines installed in almost 100 countries worldwide.

What are shot blast machines and how do they work?

The shot blast machines (or commonly defined “sandblasting machines”) are machines used for the surface treatment of work-pieces, usually metallic, by means of metallic abrasive projection.
The abrasive is projected by centrifugal wheels (or by air compressed guns in case of automatic blasting unit).

The blasting process has different purposes depending by the specific application. The most common are:
a) Surface preparation before painting
b) Decoring (sand removing)
c) Removal of oxides and calamine
d) Descaling (removal of small burrs)
e) Surface hardening (shot-peening)
f) Paint removal

Other specific applications are: marble and concrete treatment (antiquing or bush-hammering), thermohardening (with nylon abrasive, for small burrs), etc.

In addition to the most common carbon steel abrasive, shot blast machines can also work with other types of abrasives such as: stainless steel abrasive, aluminum abrasive, nylon abrasive, brass abrasive, zinc abrasive, ceramic abrasive, etc..

Although the plant lines may differ significantly in shape and size, the working principle on which they are based is almost always the same:

  • centrifugal wheels project the abrasive on the workpieces
  • abrasive circulating systems (screw conveyors, vibrating screen, separators, bucket elevators) are used for the recovering and storing of the abrasive
  • auto-cleaning dust collector enable the cleaning of the abrasive


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