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Gm - Hook type/hoist type shot blast machine

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Granigliatrice GM Carlo Banfi

Spinner hanger shot blast machines suspends work to be cleaned, either singularly or in mass on designed jigs.
Work is rotated inside the blast chamber offering all surfaces to the blast wheels, located on the side of the chamber.
CARLO BANFI manufacture several models of this type of machine with hook loading capacities from 500 to 20.000 kgs and number and power of blast wheels dependent.
In the ferrous and non ferrous foundries the GM type of machine may be equipped with vibrating screens located under the machine and magnetic separation in the air-wash separator.
Typical applications for the GM hook machine:

  • Aluminium die-casting, Magnesium castings, steel fabrications, gears and work to be galvanized
  • larger machines could treat valves, pumps, fittings, steel and iron castings and metal structures. Also technological treatments, electrical converters, etc..


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