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GT - Tumblast shot blast machines


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Granigliatrice GT Carlo Banfi

Rubber and Steel Belt Tumblast shot blast machines used for the cleaning of work suitable for a tumbling process. Pieces with sizes and weights ranging from a few grams up to 10Kg for rubber belt machines and from a few hundred grams up to 250Kg for metal slat machines.
Typical work for rubber belt machines would be

  • Screws, bolts in preparation for galvanizing
  • Aluminum die-castings for Automotive and motor cycle industries, lighting, telecommunications, power tools etc.
  • Brass and steel hot pressings
  • Thermosetting

For Steel Belt machines castings from the ferrous and non ferrous industries

  • Castings
  • Pressings in steel and brass
  • Forgings
  • Springs
  • Heat-treated parts

Loading and unloading of Tumblast machines may be either manual or automated. The use of skip loaders is normally applied for heavier work, discharging onto a vibratory conveyor for side discharge into bins.


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