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  • ISIB – internal shot blasting machines for inner surface of boilers

ISIB – internal shot blasting machines for inner surface of boilers

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Shot Blasting machine for the internal cleaning of boilers prior to enamelling.
The ISIB series allows the boilers to be hung on an overhead conveyor ready to be internally cleaned with special compressed air operated lances, automatically introduced upwards into the boiler.
These plants are usually fitted into an automatic shot blasting and enamelling line, served by a double rail conveyor to meet customer’s flow line.
The classic CARLO BANFI solution consists of:

  • Modularity of blast stations. With increasing production needs, simply add stations
  • Handling of lances with brushless drives offering a high degree of efficiency and reliability.
  • Shot blast lances able to rotate and clean inside the static boiler. Also machines with rotating boiler cleaned inside by static nozzles.
  • Blowing facilities for the internal removal of residual abrasive from cavities inside the boiler.
  • Continuous flow of abrasive from 2 blast tanks equipped with on/off valve control with accessories to guarantee a full continuous operation of the system.

As with any Carlo Banfi machine, the ISIB can be equipped with multiple options and control systems to requirements ensuring continuity with a supervisor system remote control with pre-installed assistance.


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