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Shot blasting machines with mesh belt type INTERFLEX


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Automatic blast cleaning machine with steel mesh conveyor work to be treated is placed on the mesh conveyor and transferred through the blast chamber.
The mesh conveyor is manufactured with wear resistant alloy.
All the main parameters such as conveying speeds and shot throwing wheel speeds can be adjusted by an inverter. Depending upon the model, which changes according to the belt width, number of blast wheels and applied powers may vary.
Loading and unloading operations can be carried out manually or automatically by robots, conveyor belts or vibrating channels etc.
For the Interflex machine, typical applications are:

  • Aluminium die castings (automotive and motorcycle components, lighting, electrotools, etc.)
  • Mechanical parts
  • Oxyflame cut
  • Gears and transmission

The heavy duty version for iron and steel castings can be equipped with magnetic separators and vibrating screens to separate contaminates from the steel shot.

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