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Tunnel machine with overhead conveyor, monorail or double rail.
CARPENFER series of shot blast machines are specifically designed for treating components continuously conveyed through a blast chamber suspended on an overhead conveyor.
The blasting process takes places as the work to be treated passes through the chamber with blast wheels located on both sides of the cabinet, inclined to give full coverage of the work.
CARPENFER range of machines are suitable for cleaning medium/large products or smaller pieces suspended on a christmas tree type jig.
Following automatic cleaning a touch up blast system may be included for small pockets escaping the blast. A blowing facility can also be included to remove residual abrasive.
Our tunnel machines may be fitted into automatic lines with painting rooms, using a power and free overhead conveyor system.
Typical fields of industry for CARPENFER shot blast machines are:

  • Agricultural equipments
  • Civil and industrial buildings (sheds, viaducts, stairs, bridges platforms etc.)
  • Earth moving machinery
  • Building and bridge cranes
  • Road truck chassis
  • Railway trolleys
  • Metal tanks
  • Iron and steel castings


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